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Knuckle Bones

Learning experience 5, Activity 2: Knuckle bones Kōruru

Intended outcome(s)

The students could:
  • participate in a wide range of ngā mahi a te rēhia (games and pastimes) activities and identify the factors that made the experience enjoyable (HPE 1 B2)

Suggested approach

The game is played by students working in pairs or groups with five small stones, but first the students will need to practice to gain confidence.
Starting with one or two stones, practise throwing and catching, for example, throw and catch on the back of the hand, throw and pick up one from the ground and catch the thrown one before it hits the ground. The game is increased to playing with three stones, then four, and finally with five.

Actions for kōruru

  • Hold all five stones in one hand, throw them up in the air and catch all five stones on the back of the hand.
  • Ruru tahi (pick up ones) – Hold all five stones in one hand. Throw them up in the air to catch them. Put the caught stones (ruru) aside. Use one of the ruru to throw up in the air and sweep up one stone at a time of the fallen stones, putting each one in the ruru pile as it is successfully caught. Repeat this until all stones are in the ruru pile.
  • Ruru rua (pick up twos) – Pick up two stones in a single sweep until all are in the ruru pile.
  • Ruru toru (pick up threes) – Pick up three stones in a single sweep until all are in the ruru pile.
  • Ruru whā (pick up fours) – Pick up four stones in a single sweep until all are in the ruru pile.

The modern game

In modern play, the player attempts a series of challenges. The official rules include:
  • Over hand ones, twos, threes, fours—first "jockey" then eliminate all you have caught except one. Throw this one up and whilst it is in the air quickly pick one (two, three, or four) up off the ground, and then catch the one you threw up. Repeat with remaining knucklebones. You are able to sweep the knucklebones prior to picking them up.
  • Scatter ones, twos, threes, fours—Scatter all five, select and pick up one, throw it up and without "sweeping" proceed as above.
  • Dumps—hold five knucklebones in the palm, then dump them in a heap on the ground. Select one which you must take away without disturbing any others. Throw this one up, pick up other four, and catch the first one.
  • Overhand scatter ones, twos, threes, fours—first "jockey" then proceed to scatter remaining knucklebones.
  • Clicks—first "jockey" then proceeded as with over hand ones. When catching the one you threw up the knucklebones must click.
  • No click—same as above but knucklebones must not click
  • Little jingles—first "jockey", continue as over-hand ones, but keep all jacks caught in your hand at all times (including those caught while jockeying).
  • Big jingles—same as above but all jacks must be thrown up each time.
  • Juggles—First "jockey". If you say catch one, you throw the three in the air and whilst they are in the air pick up another, thrown that second one up, then catch the first, then catch the second. Proceed until all the jacks have been completed.
  • Horse in the stable—First "jockey". Then put the tips of your five fingers of one hand on the ground, so as to make four arches. If, in "jockey" you catch say two, you put one in the 'stable' formed by your hand. Throw the other one up and whilst it is up 'sweep' another jack through one of the arches so that it stays in the stable. You can 'sweep' as many times as you like. Proceed until all 4 are stabled (each jack MUST go through a different arch!) When the 4 are in the stable take the hand away throw the fifth jack in the air and whilst it is up pick up the four and catch the fifth.
  • Through the arch—As above, but only make one arch with the thumb and forefinger, and allow only one 'sweep' to get each jack through.
  • Over the line—First "jockey". Place your (left)hand down on the ground. Put all the jacks caught except one, on the left side of the hand. Throw your jack up in the air and whilst it is up quickly move a jack from the right to the left hand side of the hand. Do this until all four jacks are on the left side and try and keep them together.... There must be no sweeping. When the four jacks are in the position to throw the fifth up and pick up the other four and catch the fifth.
  • Over the jump—as above except your put you hand vertically on its edge instead of on the ground so it makes it harder :)
  • Thread the needle—Same as above except the jacks have to be dropped through a circle made by the thumb and forefinger that is held about 8 inches from the ground. Once all have gone through—pick them up.
  • Eggs in the basket—Same as above except the your hand is cupped palm up to form the basket, the jacks have to be placed in the "basket" without clicking, as this will break the eggs
  • Catching flies—As 'scatter ones' but the catch must be done with a quick snatching downward movement making it much harder than the ordinary system of catching with palms upwards.
Other challenges include:
  • Down the chute
  • In the cave
  • Playing golf
  • This is the house that Jack built—The house that jack built is when you separate your knuckle bones into a square form. Then you go around the square with your finger saying this is the house that jack built then you throw it up in the air catch it and put it in the middle. but if you land in an empty space, your turn is over.
  • Camels—Lie the 5 jacks on the ground in a row so there are no gaps between them. Then move the second one to the end, the fourth one to the end and then pick up the second one from the end. Jockey this one onto the back of your hand. Then pick a finger to use and with the jack on the back of your hand move the finger in and out and around the jacks on the ground without touching them or dropping the one on the back of your hand. Once you have weaved through them all, throw the one on the back of your hand into the air and pick up ALL of the others (in one movement), and catch the fifth.
  • Picking Apples
  • Car Parks
  • Boats in the harbour—The same as "Horse in the stable" except hand is flat to the ground with fingers wide apart.
  • Cut the cabbage—The same as "catching flies" except instead of a downward swipe, a horizontal swipe is performed when catching the jack—as if a whole cabbage is in front of the player and is being sliced through the middle.
  • Flush the Toilet—Like "Big Jingles" except you must hit the ground twice (flush the toilet) each time you throw the knucklebones up.

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